2016 Hairstyles for Black Hair That You Should Try

Hairstyles for Black Hair

2016 hairstyles for black hair, those are the ones that we are going to talk about here. So, if you have black and short hair and you want to have great appeal, you better carry on reading. Here, you are going to learn about two of the most popular hairstyles for black hair.

And please do not think that to apply such hairstyles are hard to do. We have chosen the easiest ones among the existing black and short hairstyles and we have also chosen the ones that seem to be suitable for any face shape that you have. What are those hairstyles?

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Illusion Updo Hairstyle

The first, we have illusion updo hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle has the main point to create an illusion that you have volume-y hair in the top part of your hair. Of course, since it is an illusion, actually, your hair does not need to be that volume-y. To have this hairstyle, basically, you only need to groom your hair towards one side either it is to the left side or the right one.

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And to create the illusion, you can apply some hairspray on the middle to the end of the hair whenever you are grooming it. Thus, the hair will look so full at the top of your head while the end of the hair should be placed in the left or right side. If you want to know some example, you might want to see the hair of Rihanna without the trimming but imagine that the top part of the head is full of hair.

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Delicate Curly Hair: an Alternative for 2016 Hairstyles for Black Hair

Then, the second, we have delicate curly hair. This kind of hairstyle is also so suitable for your black and short hair. Please notice that we are not going to make all of your hair curly. Instead, the back part is the one you are going to curl. As for the rest of the hair, you can make it straight. So, you can imagine about how the hair is straight in both sides but it is curly in the back.

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To be honest, you can start curling the hair the top hair too. That way you can combine neat hairstyle and the carefree style. Such combination will definitely make your hair look stunning. So, have you determined which 2016 hairstyles for black hair that you are going to try?

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