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Women are now feeling free to express their feeling through their hairstyle. If in the past, most women were using the long hairstyle model, but now you can see that there are many women that prefer to use the simple short hairstyle. If you have not noticed it, the short haircuts have become so popular nowadays.

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This is totally different from what happened a few years ago. Many people believed that it was not good to have such haircuts because it would look like the haircuts of the men or boys. However, as the time goes by, the women have realized that the short haircuts are not only simpler to maintain but they can also give awesome appearance too. There are many beautiful black women short haircuts 2016 that you can try for this year model as you can see that many actresses are also applying the model. You can choose the one that fit to your own taste and your face type to make the hairstyle fit to your appearance. Thus, the result is your appearance looking more beautiful and fresher.

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Super Short Black Women Short Haircuts 2016

If you want to try something new to your hairstyle for this year, probably you can try the super short black haircuts. As you can see, there are many actresses that also applying this kind of hairstyle. Take a look to Miley Cyrus with her super short blonde hair. It looks beautiful and attractive to her, and why don’t you try to get your own beautiful look? You can also apply this kind of hairstyle even your hair is black like what Rihanna’s get for few moments ago. It will perfectly beautiful even you get your super short black hair.

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Black Bob Hairstyle

The other hairstyle that you can try is the black bob hairstyle. Even it also looks short, but it is much longer than the previous one. Besides, there are some hairstyles that you can apply for this model from the foxy black hairstyle with layered hair, the Cleopatra’s model with its beautiful bob and straight bang, the long simple bob with side bang, and some others. You can also modify your bob by straightening it, curling or waving your hair to create the new black women short haircuts 2016.

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