Black Girl Hairstyles 2016: Ideas for Short and Long Hair

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Black girl hairstyles 2016 seem to be quite the same with the trend in 2015. That is why if you still want to use the hairstyle like what you have in 2015, it should still be good and trendy. However, if you are tired or bored with your hairstyle (well, it is so understandable because you are a girl and there’s a tendency for you to always have fresh look), you might want to carry on reading this article.

Here, we are going to talk about some hairstyle ideas for you, black girls, and we are going to talk about the short and long hairstyle. In case any of the hairstyles mentioned here have not become your hairstyle, you can surely give it a try.

 Black Girl Hairstyles 2014 Image

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Black Girl Hairstyles 2016: The Short Hairstyle

Let’s begin discussing about the short hairstyle which can be suitable with you. To be honest, there is no difference between black girls and the white ones in terms of hairstyle. What matters is actually not the skin tone but the face shape. That is why you need to consider this matter more.

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And related to the short hairstyle, you might want to have trimmed and emo hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle has actually been the trend since 2010 but yes, it still has its charm right until now. You can take a look at the hairstyle of Rihanna when she had her short hair.

What you need to do to have such hair is quite simple because you only need to cut down your hair at least the length is a little beneath your ears, trim the side parts of your head and then you can make it look quite messy and have emo style. And this hairstyle is suitable for any face shape.

 Unique Black Girl Hairstyles 2014 Image

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Long Hairstyle for Black Girl

Then, what about if you prefer to have long hairstyles? For this interest, you can try to have long wavy hair. If you want to see some model as your example, you can take a look at the hair of Beyonce. Doesn’t she look so beautiful? Yes, you can simply make your hair wavy and there is no need to worry about the greatness of the hair.

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This hairstyle is so good for you who have slim and pointy face shape even though it is still possible for the other face shapes to give this hairstyle a try. Yep, those black girl hairstyles 2015 should be enough for your inspiration. Are you willing to give them a try?

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