Black Hairstyle for Round Faces

Black Hairstyle for Round Faces 2013

Black hairstyle for round faces that could disguise the shape of your round face consists of several models. The first style is to have wavy hair. Wavy hair can give the impression that gaunt face on your round face. If your natural hair is straight, you should grow it out to shoulder first before deciding to turn it into a wavy. Due to the size of the short hair, wavy models are less suited for a round face. Instead it will make your hair look weird.

The second hair style can disguise your round face shape is the layer that is stacked hair. Layer hairstyle has a short form at the top and extends to the bottom. By having a hairstyle like this, the face will look slimmer and not round anymore. In addition, another style that suits for your round face is to have a bob hairstyle. This bob hairstyle has short form at the back of the head that extends to the front. Generally, the back cut shortly to the neck and the front cut extent to the cheek. Once cut, the hair curls inwards. A bob hairstyle is perfect for those who want to seem more macho.

Cute Black Hairstyle for Round Faces

Cute Black Hairstyle for Round Faces

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