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Black Hairstyles Magazine 2013

Black hairstyles magazine is one of the media to represent their African-American culture. In some country such as United States of America, Britain, France and other European countries, they have distinguished style between black and white people. For white people, there are a lot of examples and media to represent their style around the world. Special case appears in the form of black people, they are marginalized people, and sometimes they cannot express their right including hairstyle. The stereotype of alien is adhered by with people. Nowadays, black people can speak their ideas and decide their own destiny; this magazine will give guidance and example for others black people.

It is not only talking about hairstyle, however it is also talking about human race identity. Usually, this magazine gives much information about black people event such as party, rendezvous point and other black people culture. This magazine also gives guidance of lifestyle such as hairstyle, clothes, blink-blink and also street ball tournament. The idea of black hairstyle covers the need of black people. It also includes wedding hairstyle, teenager hairstyle and baller hairstyle. Many Hollywood actresses and actors contribute for show off their hairstyle and clothes. The hairstyle and clothes sometimes is used to be applied in a wedding ceremony.

Black People Hairstyles Magazine

Black People Hairstyles Magazine

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