Black Hairstyles with Weave

Black Hairstyles with Weave 2013

Black hairstyles with weave match every dresses and occasion. A haltered neck and tube dress, short or long gown match perfectly with it. Here some tips to make fabulous wave hairstyles;

1). Long Wavy Black Romantic Hairstyle makes simple loose waves look gorgeous on promnight. First apply a texturizer to damp hair and blow dry straight, apply a shine gloss to hair and flat iron sections as necessary, begin wrapping sections of your hair around a styling wand. Make sure to wrap pieces away from your face, hold for a few seconds, then let loose, rake through your curls using your fingers, then tousle the ends, sweep the front portion of your hair over to one side and twist pieces away from your face as needed, finish with a flexible hold hairspray and a stylish hair accessory of your choice.

2). Long black sexy wavy hairstyle tons of volume. First apply a shine serum to damp hair and blow dry evenly using a comb attachment, once your hair is dry mist a heat protecting spray over the length of your hair. Then flat iron your hair in sections from roots to tips, create a shallow center part, then begin wrapping sections of your hair around a styling wand. Be sure to start close to your roots and wrap away from your face, Pull your curls apart using your fingers and tousle your ends gently, Finish with a workable hairspray.

New Black Hairstyles with Weave

New Black Hairstyles with Weave

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