Black Men Hairstyles 2016: Simple and Rather Complicated Ideas

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Black men hairstyles 2016 seem to still follow the common belief. What is it? Well, there is a belief that the hairstyles for black men are usually the unique hairstyles. It can be seen from many black male celebrities and public figures. Almost none of them have usual hairstyle.

Even if they are trying to be simple, there is still something interesting about their hair. Are you in the middle of searching for the proper hairstyles for you in this year and you are a black man? Well, you better carry on reading. Who knows the ideas you find here can give you inspiration.

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Best Hairstyle

Simple Idea for Black Men Hairstyle 2016

So, what is the first idea for the hairstyles for black men in 2016? Let’s start with the simple one. To be honest, you can simply cut your hair short. And yes, short hairstyle is really popular among black men too. You can take a look at how Chris Brown, Usher, and some other black singers have this kind of hairstyle.

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Cool Unique Hairstyle

For your information, such hairstyle is really suitable with you and it will make you look neat and handsome. However, it is highly recommended to you to give some accents to your short. How can you do it? Simply draw some lines on your head by trimming the hair in pattern.

Perhaps, you might want to have some crop circles pattern on your head or you simply make some lines there. In an instant, your simple look can become quite awesome and yes, it will certainly support your whole look.

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Semi Afro Hairstyle 2016

Is There Any Rather Complicated Hairstyle?

Yes, that was the simple hairstyle for black men which is believed to still become the trend in 2016. What if you want something a little complicated to begin with? Well, don’t worry about it.

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Trend Men Hairstyle

You can try to have braided hair. Perhaps, you might think that such hairstyle is not suitable for you. Yes, we all know that braided hair is usually for women. But, for you to know, you can also have it. The braided is totally different. Instead of making your hair into big braided style, you make it into some little braided parts. Well, which one of the black men hairstyles 2016 mentioned above that you want to choose? Is it the simple one or the quite complicated one?

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