Blonde and Black Hairstyles

Black and Blonde Hairstyles 2013

Blonde and black hairstyles are available in many variations for many people nowadays especially teenager. That hairstyle becomes popular since there are many popular artists who use this hairstyle. That hairstyle is the combination of two colors consisting of black and blonde color which makes a beautiful combination that makes you look more gorgeous. This hairstyle was booming when there are many popular artists who popularize that hairstyle. This is a fact that comes out to the surface.

Since this hairstyle use two color combinations, there are some tips of you want to apply this hairstyle on your hair. First you have to search any example of hairstyle you want to copy to avoid any wrong coloring on your hair. After you find a good inspiration, you can start to dye your upper hair. You can choose black or blonde color first. Mostly, many people choose to dye their hairstyle with blonde color first.

After you dye upper part, you can add a tonic into your colored hair to strengthen your hair. Afterwards, you can dye the lower part of your hair with black color. When you have done with the coloring process, don’t forget to wash your hair to get good result.

Pink Black and Blonde Hairstyles

Pink Black and Blonde Hairstyles

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