Red and Black Hairstyles

Red and Black Hairstyles 2013

Red and black hairstyles is combination of two tone color of black and red into a new hairstyle. A pure passion red color and deep magic of black will rock your look. Many awesome pattern of this combination give a fresh look. For example; gradient, highlight and dyed. All of red color range such as red plum, bright red, red wine, pale red even pink are great with these black hair. Just play it off and having fun combine the color, be ready to be bold and standout. These are following combination hairstyles that help you to be fashionable, check this out :

  • Styled in layer and asymmetrical chop then colored in gradients
  • Straight short hair with pink or red touches in front of hair
  • Long black straight hair with red/shocking pink colored bangs (its very fun effect)
  • Red wine hair, fit perfectly for a long hair
  • Smoking hot red hairstyle. Long red waves hair with black colored on tip
  • Sateen black red long hairstyle. Silky red long hair with highlight and jet black bangs
  • Red hair end tale, long waving black hair with thick bangs and red tipped hair
  • Red soft hair color, Darker areas with fresh red in patterned hair color for thick curvy front bangs.
Red and Black Hairstyles for Women

Red and Black Hairstyles for Women

Gallery of Red and Black Hairstyles

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