Short Curly Black Hairstyles

Short Curly Black Hairstyles 2013

Short curly black hairstyles are one of the hair trends that is searched by many people right now. These styles are popular with people that have natural curly, perm and curly lovers. These styles give you a different look than other hair styles. These styles will give you a younger look. You will look like 10 years younger and have fresher look.

 If you have curly hair there are 9 steps to take care your hair. First, it is oil your hair a night before. You can use coconut oil or olive oil. Second it is dry detangle. You can use conditioner then detangle with your hand. Three it is cleanse your hair.  You can use any kind of shampoo that specialized in hair cleanse. Fourth it is deep condition or top knot.  Use any kind of   hair conditioner, and then put your conditioned hair in top knot. Fifth it is cold final rinse.  Rinse your hair with cold water and keep it wet.

Sixth, it is apply styling product. You can use any kind of apply styling product. Seven, it is diffuse with dryer. Use diffuser and dried your hair. Eight, it is flip your hair. Flip your hair to avoid “ flat top”. Ninth it is do not touch and let it dry with air.

Different Short Curly Black Hairstyles

Different Short Curly Black Hairstyles

Gallery of Short Curly Black Hairstyles

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